Song Title

Album Title

Waiting Lovers Speak
Warm Love Love & Affection
  Show Some Emotion
Watch You Step The Shouting Stage
Water With The wine Joan Armatrading
  Love & Affection
Weak Woman Square The Circle
Weakness In Me (The) Classics
  Love & Affection
  Track Record
  Walk Under Ladders
What Do Boys Dream The Key
What do You Want To The Limit
What Ever's For Us (lyrics by Pam Nestor) Classics
  Whatever's For Us
When I Get It Right Classics
  Track Record
  Walk Under Ladders
When You Kisses Me Me Myself I
Willow Classics
  Love & Affection
  Master Series
  Show Some Emotion
  Track Record
Wishing To The Limit
Woncha Come On Home Show Some Emotion
Words The Shouting Stage
Would You Like To Dance What's inside
  What's inside
Wrapped Around Her Square The Circle

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