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Album Title

Call Me Names (I Love It When You) Classics
  Secret Policeman's Third Ball
  The Key
  Track Record
Can I Get Next To you Square The Circle
Can't Get Over (How I Broke Your Heart) Love & Affection
  Square The Circle
Can't Let Go Hearts And Flowers
Can't Stop Loving You What's inside
  What's inside
Child Star (lyrics by Pam Nestor) Whatever's For Us
City Girl Love & Affection
  Whatever's For Us
Close To Me Starlight
Come When You Need Me (lyrics by Pam Nestor) Back To The Night
Conversation Whatever's For Us
Cool Blue Stole My Heart Back To The Night
  Love & Affection
  Steppin' Out (live)
Cradled In Your Love Square The Circle
Crazy Square The Circle
Crazy For You Lovers Speak
Cry This Charming Life

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