Radio Presentations

Joan Presents Ivors 50th

On the 17th of May Joan presented the Ivors 50th anniversary on BBC Radio 2 a programme produced by Paul Sexton.

Joan Presents More Radio 4 Series On Guitarists 2011

Joan presents another series on Radio 4 of guitarists and talks to them about their love of the guitar and their career
See BBC website for more details

Joan Presents Radio 4 Series On Guitarists

Begining on Monday 28th November Joan presents another Radio 4 Series.  Tune in to at 1:45pm to hear Joan speak to 5 different guitarists each day about their playing and their careers.. Visit the BBC website for details

BBC Radio 4 The Year Of The Choir 2008

2008 does seem to be the year of the choir

Brand new BBC Radio 4 series 19-23rd of May 2008 3:45pm Click here to to hear the first programTo here the other programs tune in each day at 3:45pm Click here

Joan visits five outstanding choirs around Britain with special stories to tell for this BBC Radio 4 series. Picking up on the wave of new interest in choirs and choral singing, she eavesdrop on rehearsals and discusses with conductors, choristers and composers what makes their music-making unique.

The choirs demonstrate different styles of choral music: gospel, world music, male voice choir, classical...even a Bulgarian choir...each with a distinct sound and different guiding principals. Visit Times will be available nearer the broadcast date on the BBC website.

BBC Radio 4 series on guitarists 2009
Radio 4 series on guitarists. 3:45pm July 27- 31st 2009

Starting on July 27th until 31st  Radio 4 presents Joan Armatrading's Favourite Guitarists over five daily teatime slots. The sainted quintet are an eclectic throng. Mark Knopfler, originally of Dire Straits, is an obvious rocker, John Williams, the classical axeman best known for the tremulous "Cavatina" on the soundtrack to The Deer Hunter, Bonnie Raitt, the flame-haired country singer of "Love Has no Pride", Bert Jansch, the rumpled veteran folkie of Pentangle, the late-1960s band and  Russell Lissack, the twenty-something, floppy-fringed Essex vegetarian from Bloc Party. Read details. Read the Review Read The Article

Joan Presents Caribbean Music on BBC Radio 2 2006
Joan Presents Caribbean music on Radio 2. The shows  are on the 7th and 14th of March 2006. Joan's Journey, discovering the different elements of Caribbean music. Joan visited St Kitts (where she was born) and Trinidad and Tobago. Joan had a wonderful time making the programs and she very much hopes that you will enjoy them.
Joan Presents BBC Radio 4 show on Irish Music 2006

BBC Radio 4 November 2006
Joan's Irish Journey.

This is the third radio series that Joan has presented for the BBC and this one centres around Irish music. The series is broadcast throughout the week on BBC Radio 4  Monday 20th to Friday 24th of November at 3.45 each afternoon. You will be able to hear the BBC interviews presented by Joan via the web. To listen click the BBC link The other program for Radio 4, Joan's Journey, exploring how different people relate to music within their work genre. 

Joan For Mayor BBC 4 Presentation 2009
Armatrading for Mayor!
BBC Radio 4. Saturday 14th November 10.30 am.

On a visit to the Mansion House, Joan found herself fascinated by the work and the role of the Lord Mayor of London. That's NOT Boris of course but the other one who rides into the city each November in a golden carriage to run 'the square mile' and to work as an ambassador for the city as a world hub for finance and banking. This current Lord Mayor, Ian Luder, invited Joan to 'share' some of his duties during his period of office from November 08 to November Joan had the experience of ...a great banquet at the Mansion House, giving the Queen's Award for Enterprise, driving the Lord mayor's boat on the Thames, attending the opening of Keat's House in Hampstead after it refurbishment and so on ....a really amazing  experience that left her convinced that...YES..if invited she might consider becoming the (second) woman Lord Mayor of London! Read a review